Respect Protect Pay placard between two workers

Support Macy’s Workers Now!

Negotiations between Macy’s and its workers are under way. It’s time for Macy’s management to show its appreciation for all of the hard work and health & safety risks that Macy’s workers have taken during the pandemic. But, instead of recognizing the workers sacrifices, Macy’s is proposing to reduce the full time guarantees and seniority provisions in the contract. This is totally unacceptable!

UFCW Local 5 Union Square Macy’s workers are standing together for their families and their community. Union Square Macy’s workers have had a traumatic couple years between the closing and opening of the store due to the pandemic and civil unrest, and notable incidents of violent thefts at the workplace. All the while Macy’s and its CEO have raked in huge profits while the workers have been crushed by rising inflation. Now it’s time for Macy’s to take care of their workers and the community!

Macy’s Workers Standing Together for:

-Higher wages that reflect high the cost of living in San Francisco

-Improved Safety standards

-Better store and worker security

-Fair and Affordable family healthcare

-Appropriate Staffing levels

Please sign our petition and tell Macy’s Management to support their workers.