CVS Bargaining Update #1

On May 23, we met with CVS for our very first day of bargaining. We showed up at the table as a strong, united force of proud, essential CVS members and UFCW union representatives who are ready to fight for the contract we rightfully deserve. We began the bargaining session by presenting all of our proposals, including fair pay and benefits that reflect our essential work, safe staffing levels that prevent theft and burnout, and affordable and comprehensive health benefits to keep us well.

We made our priorities explicit. We told the company we deserve safe staffing levels and the wages and health benefits needed to raise healthy families. We are demanding a fair contract that respects our essential work that reflects our vital healthcare role and the staffing and store safety required to improve customers’ shopping experience.

CVS refused to give us their economic proposals today and was more concerned about protecting the company than giving us what we deserve.

What’s next?

We will meet again with the company on May 31 for our second round of bargaining. In the meantime, the company will review the proposals we submitted, and we will continue to urge them to come back to the table with serious offers that recognize the value of our work.

Our contract is set to expire on June 30.

When a contract expires, it doesn’t mean that our wages, benefits, or protections will end. However, we will push CVS to reach an agreement with us on the contract we deserve by the day our contract expires.

In order to make a strong contract possible, we must stay united, strong, and engaged. Whether we’re at the bargaining table or in the stores, we have the power to show the company that we’re serious about our proposals and that we’re ready to stand together to get a strong contract.

If you have any questions about bargaining, or if there is anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Steward, Union Rep, or Bargaining Committee Member.

In Solidarity,

Your UFCW CVS Bargaining Committee