Solidarity in Action: UFCW Local No. 480’s Response to Maui Fires

Local No. 480 have been nothing short of remarkable. Their President, Pat Loo, has shared a video that beautifully encapsulates their relief efforts.

A Beacon of Hope

The recent Maui fires left a trail of destruction and uncertainty. UFCW Local No. 480 has stepped up in a big way, going beyond their official roles to provide essential supplies and comforting support to affected communities.

The Power of Solidarity

This video reminds us of the profound impact collective action can have. UFCW Local No. 480’s dedication to their community embodies the principles of solidarity, compassion, and unity we hold dear as a union.

Making a Difference Together

In times of tragedy, we often feel helpless. However, UFCW Local No. 480’s work shows that by joining forces and extending a hand, we can bring hope to those in need and rebuild our communities stronger.

Their efforts are a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the values that unite us. In unity, we find the power to overcome adversity. Let’s continue supporting one another, serving as beacons of hope in challenging times.