Local 5 members joined with more than 100,000 grocery workers from seven UFCW locals across the country in April in a variety of actions aimed at engaging customers in the fight to oppose the proposed megamerger of Kroger and Albertsons.

Local 5 members wore “No Merger” stickers and discussed the downside of the merger with customers in a coordinated effort that also featured actions outside of stores in other cities.

Since the companies announced the proposed merger in October, workers, unions, consumer groups, and others have raised the alarm about the negative impact on workers, shoppers, and suppliers including farmers and ranchers.

If the $24.6 billion megamerger is approved, it will drive out competition, increase food prices, create food deserts, and put as many as 100,000 union members out of work. The campaign’s effort is focused on demanding that the Federal Trade Commission put a stop to the plan.

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