Stop the Recall – Mayor Lee

The Raley’s Corporation of Sacramento has a long history of obstructing their employee’s desire to freely join a union of their choice at many Raley’s stores in the Central Valley and Nevada. And now, for the first time, they have brought their anti-union behavior to Local 5 by opening a new Nob Hill store in the City of Santa Clara and interfering with their employee’s desire to freely join a Union. Local 5 will not sit by idly and allow them to undermine the good wages, benefits and working conditions that Nob Hill members have fought so hard to maintain over several decades.  As a result of Raley’s anti-union behavior the Labor Board issued a Complaint against Raley’s/Nob Hill which included, among many violations, the following:

“By the conduct described above in paragraphs 9 and 10, Respondent (Raley’s/Nob Hill) has been failing and refusing to bargain collectively and in good faith with the exclusive collective-bargaining representative of its employees in violation of Section 8(a)(1) and (5) of the Act.”

Local 5, and its predecessor local unions, have consistently maintained a mutually respectful relationship with the Nob Hill chain of stores for over 60 years, dating back to the Bonfante family of Gilroy. The Raley’s Corporation of Sacramento is now threatening that good relationship. Local 5 has reached out numerous times to Raley’s representatives to cooperate on a mutually beneficial path to allow employees to freely decide to join Local 5 without any employer intimidation or coercion, but Raley’s has refused.

Local 5 will be maintaining an Unfair Labor Practice picket line as a result of the Labor Board Complaint against Raley’s/Nob Hill for multiple violations of the National Labor Relations Act. This picket line will remain active indefinitely with the hope Raley’s/Nob Hill will re-consider their decision.