Local Legislators Win Perfect Score on California Labor’s 2022 Legislative Scorecard

Three California State Senators and three Assembly Members who represent Local 5 members in Sacramento have been awarded a perfect score by the California Labor Federation for the 2022 legislative session.

The legislators were scored on their votes on 19 labor-supported bills and one that was opposed. Supported bills included a range of topics including new rights for fast food workers, Farmworker union rights, health care for strikers, COVID-19 exposure notices, penalties for unionbusting in the public sector, and worker rights in emergencies. Thirteen of the bills ultimately passed and were signed by the Governor.

The Bay Area legislators with perfect scores were Assembly Members Rob Bonta (Alameda), Ash Kalra (San Jose), and Mark Stone (Scotts Valley). Senators included Dave Cortese (San Jose), Nancy Skinner (Berkeley), and Scot Wiener (San Francisco).