Kroger Albertsons Merger Analysis Webinar 2/2/23

On October 13th, it was announced that Kroger and Albertsons would pursue a $24.6 billion mega-merger, joining together two of the largest grocery chains in the US.

From the first moment the proposed merger was announced, a coalition of UFCW and Teamsters locals convened, gathered information and took quick, decisive action. Our coalition of unions will continue working to protect our members and our communities from the harmful impacts of this proposed mega-merger.

Coming together to act, both grocery workers and community allies alike, is paramount to making sure a merger or sale in the future considers workers’ voices and needs. It’s crucial to have the participation of our members in this fight and to educate everyone about the financial complexities of these companies and what we’re getting into.

In the video below, you can hear from an expert Chartered Financial Analyst who has been tracking these companies for years and studying the structure of this deal as information becomes available.