UFCW Local 5 Statement Regarding the Proposed Merger of Albertson’s and Kroger

Earlier this week Albertson’s and Kroger announced a proposed merger that would result in creating the second largest grocery chain in the country, behind Walmart. While the merger is not imminent and will require government regulatory approval that will take many months, your union will closely monitor the proposal as it moves forward.

A merger of this magnitude can have far-reaching impacts on each company’s workers and potentially on consumers. While the lack of a major Kroger presence in Northern California along with our strong union contract language greatly reduces the potential ramifications for the jobs of Local 5 members if a merger is approved, workers in areas with large numbers of Albertson’s and Kroger stores, including in Southern California, Washington, and Colorado, may be at risk. Many of us have seen the results of major grocery industry mergers in the past where companies have been forced to offload hundreds of stores, often to non-union competitors, to appease government regulators that object to an over-saturation of stores that leads to a lack of competition.

Local 5 will work with other UFCW locals, the International Union, government, consumer, and other allies over the coming months to assure that union jobs in grocery industry are protected and that consumers will continue to have access to quality food access in their communities. If you have any questions, contact your Local 5 Union Representative.