Union Market Share Protection Program Help your union, lower your dues

We define union market share as the percentage of unionized workplaces in a particular industry. Typically, higher union market share means higher wages and better contracts.

For example, in Local 5’s jurisdiction, the vast majority of traditional grocery stores are unionized and that has led to some of the best industry contracts in the country. And through our increasing organizing efforts, we’re making great strides in building union market share in the drug store industry, in cannabis dispensaries, retail stores and more.

You can help us build union market share and, in the process, lower your dues by $5 a month. Check this page often for opportunities to participate in union market share events. Sign up, turn out and if you volunteer for four hours or more during the calendar year, you will receive a $60 dues rebate at the end of the year. For more information, contact your steward or your union representative.