UFCW Effort Leads to Huge Legislative Win for California Cannabis Workers

Thanks in large part to the political advocacy of the UFCW, the recently approved California 2022-2023 budget will provide $40 million in tax credits for licensed high-road cannabis employers.

Senate Bill 1336, a union-sponsored bill that made its way into the budget trailer bill and will take effect in 2023, will provide significant tax relief to licensed cannabis employers that meet strict standards around safety, security, and most important for industry workers, labor peace agreements and workplace standards. The legislation also increases enforcement against unlicensed operations that unfairly compete with legitimate operators.

“This $40 million tax credit relief for high-road cannabis retail operators that provide living wages and benefits will bring real relief for retailers and inspire consumers to purchase from legalized shops, not illicit businesses,” said UFCW Local 5 Strategic Campaign Director Jim Araby.

Local 5 represents nearly 1000 cannabis workers throughout Northern California in retail, production, delivery, and testing facilities. The new legislation will clearly spur additional unionization of the industry and Local 5 has already built the capacity to represent and advocate for the influx of new cannabis industry members, noted Araby.