Walgreens Pharmacists Vote Yes for Local 5

a male health practitioner

Pharmacists working at 11 Walgreens stores in El Cerritos, Pinole, El Sobrante, San Pablo, Richmond, and Berkeley have voted in a government-conducted election to be represented by Local 5. The victory brings Walgreens pharmacists into the local union’s family for the first time.

The campaign was driven by worker concerns over wages, benefits, and ongoing concerns over short staffing, says Pharmacist Jacob Koontz.

“The company’s corporate leadership has proven itself untrustworthy in governing our working conditions, our compensation, and our benefits. We must now work together to improve our careers, and to help give hope to the future of the profession. A union is our best way forward.”

Local 5 continues to field inquiries about organizing from additional pharmacists at Walgreens ,as well as other retail drug stores, and the union is moving forward on the development of a comprehensive campaign throughout the Bay Area.