Save Mart/Lucky Negotiations Update #1

Local 5’s Bargaining Committee, which is comprised of several Lucky workers, has met several times since August with representatives of Save Mart. Save Mart approached Local 5 in July and stated they desired to reach an early agreement. However, the other two Northern California local unions, 8 and 648, and the major grocery employers must have agreement on the jointly trusteed health and welfare and pension costs prior to any overall tentative agreement reached with Lucky. Consequently, it was overly optimistic on Save Mart’s behalf to reach an early agreement.

Local 5 is working with Local’s 8 and 648 to finalize agreement on improvements sought in the health and welfare plan and pension. In turn, tentative finalization on health and welfare improvements may come as early as November with the major food employers, consisting of Safeway, Save Mart/Lucky and Raley’s. Once the unions and employers have an understanding on the costs of these two plans for the duration of a new contract other economic improvements and contract language changes sought by Local 5 will be addressed.