Safeway Bargaining Update #1

Local 5 and Safeway had our first discussion towards a new agreement on October 22nd. It was a teleconference meeting whereby Local 5 laid out the union’s objectives based on the compilation of bargaining priorities from the questionnaire responses returned from  Safeway members.

More than ever, wage increases dominated the list of priorities to achieve in bargaining. Grocery workers are feeling the endless stress in their capacity as essential workers during the unending pandemic. All our members are insisting to be compensated for the health and safety sacrifices they have endured for themselves and their families resulting from the pandemic, which is now in its 20th month.

Other priorities conveyed to the Safeway representatives were improvements in health and welfare and pension, increases in minimum hours, more full-time opportunities and a reduction in reaching the top wage rates in all classifications.

No additional dates have been set but Local 5 insisted on additional dates in the month of November which Safeway has agreed. Please access our website for additional updates.