Open Enrollment 2021

Open Enrollment is the yearly opportunity for you to sign up for benefits or make changes to your coverage.

Mark Your Calendar! Open Enrollment for the 2022 Plan Year will take place from September 20, 2021 through November 19, 2021. Open Enrollment Packets will be mailed and/or sent electronically to your TFO Inbox available on UFCWTRUST.COM around mid-September. If you have not elected to receive your documents electronically, log into UFCWTRUST.COM and click on Contact Info to update your preferences for receiving electronic documents.

Wellness Steps will be required for all Active Members and enrolled Spouses/Domestic Partners who wish to participate in the Wellness Program for 2022. Wellness Steps will include:

  1. Wellness (HCP) Agreement
  1. GINA Agreement required for covered Spouses
  1. Health Risk Questionnaire (HRQ)
  1. Biometric Screening:
  • Current 2021 Wellness Plan Members and covered Spouses/Domestic Partners may submit a completed COVID-19 Vaccine card in lieu of the Biometric Screening requirement.
  • PPO Participants will have Quest options available for completion of a Biometric Screening starting September 20, 2021.
  • Biometric forms (HM7)* will be available on UFCWTRUST.COM for both PPO and HMO Participants wanting to get a jumpstart on this requirement at their Annual Physical. *Your health care plan will only cover one Annual Physical at 100% per calendar year .Read the HM7 Form Instructions carefully to ensure you do not incur any additional costs.

UFCW5 has benefit assistance in our offices. You can book an appointment with a benefit clerk at one of our local 5 offices closest to you. To book an appointment click the link below and select the office closest to you.