Vote NO on the anti-union worker recall by September 14th.

Dear Union Brothers & Sisters,

The recall of Governor Gavin Newsom is an attack on our jobs, wages, benefits and unions. That’s why we need every UFCW Local 5 member in California to vote NO on the anti-union worker recall by September 14th.

Backers of the recall are counting on a low turnout election to undo decades of progress California has made on higher wages, paid sick leave, health and safety on the job and a lot more. Additionally, without Governor Newsom essential workers, such as yourself, would be left to fend for yourself in this pandemic. No extended paid sick leave, no rules to protect workers, nothing.

The backers of the recall want $0 to be the minimum wage, no guaranteed healthcare for the most vulnerable, and are okay with the state spending $400 million dollars of your hard earned tax dollars to try and steal an election when nobody is paying attention.

Ballots will be mailed to all voters beginning August 16 and must be postmarked by September 14. Voting centers in your county will be opening soon as well if you want to vote in person. Don’t miss your chance to have your voice heard in this important election.

California’s laws to protect workers are the strongest in the nation. Over the past two decades, we’ve raised the minimum wage, provided paid sick and family leave to all workers, increased funding to our neighborhood schools, created good union jobs by investing in homecare, childcare and infrastructure, and strengthened the right to join a union. All that and more is at risk with this anti-worker recall.

We can’t afford to allow anti-union special interests to seize control of California. Join us saying NO to the recall by September 14th!

In Solidarity,

John Nunes

President UFCW Local 5