Demand Raley’s stop anti-union activity, COUNT the cards and recognize the UNION

Raley’s is Undermining Democracy!

On September 19th, 2020 workers at Raley’s San Pablo reached majority support for the union. UFCW 5 and Raley’s have a written agreement for a formal process of recognition. Raley’s has refused to acknowledge the agreement and will not count the electronic signature cards, which are recognized by federal law. Since refusing to acknowledge workers rights under the contract, Raley’s has engaged in anti-union tactics to dissuade its employees using fear and intimidation to try and stop workers from pursuing their democratic rights to organize a union.

We, the undersigned are demanding that Raley’s stop with the anti-union activity, COUNT the cards, and recognize workers democratic rights to organize a union. At a time when grocery workers are deemed essential, we believe it is essential that their employers’ recognize their voice.