2021 Open Enrollment

For all UEBT Members

September 21–November 20, 2020

Open Enrollment is the yearly opportunity for you to sign up for benefits or make changes to your coverage.

Open Enrollment for the 2021 Plan Year will take place from September 21, 2020 through November 20, 2020. Open Enrollment Packets will be sent (mail or electronically) to you and made available on UFCWTRUST.COM around mid-September.

All Open Enrollment materials will be provided to you with your customized and detailed instructions. Members who have chosen to receive electronic communications will receive an email prompting them to visit UFCWTRUST.COM and log in to complete their enrollment.

Dependent Verification

As part of the 2021 Open Enrollment process, Members will be required to complete a Dependent Verification for enrolled Spouses and/or Domestic Partners.

To complete Dependent Verification for the 2021 Plan Year, Members must provide proof of continued relationship to enrolled Spouse/Domestic Partner. Proof can be either a household bill or tax document showing the Spouse/Domestic Partner’s name and the current address on file at the TFO for the Member. Additional details will be provided in your Open Enrollment Guide.

These documents can be uploaded to UFCWTRUST.COM when completing your enrollment steps. Click the Upload Document button found on the My Info page.