UFCW 5 Statement of Support of Justice for George Floyd

The indiscriminate killing of minority groups, particularly African Americans, have occurred with far too much frequency in America. It is a systematic problem that has shortened the lives of many. Most recently the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery by current or former law enforcement officers are the latest examples of the on-going struggle that minority communities face when it comes to law enforcement. These killings show what type of value certain elements within America’s law enforcement agencies place on the lives of minority groups.

The recent protests that have taken place across the nation reflect the pain and frustration of many Americans. It reflects the righteous indignation that the African American and minority communities feel when certain parts of society say your life doesn’t matter. This stands in direct opposition to what we should stand for as Americans and as Unionists. No matter what you look like, you should not have to fear for your life when you go out for a jog, bird watch in a park or are sitting at home and hear your door open in your apartment. When lives are ended or threatened in these situations the message it sends is clear, your life doesn’t matter. But like the movement that has arisen in the past couple of years, Black Lives Matter and UFCW 5 embraces this ethos.

UFCW 5 is a 30,000-member union whose members work in the grocery, retail drug, agricultural, meat processing and cannabis industries. Many of our members are from the communities that are impacted by these stories of unjust killings. UFCW 5 stands in opposition to systemic racism and we stand up with the communities that are rising to meet this moment. As some of the nation’s political leaders try to use this moment to further divide us, UFCW 5 stands with those that are out in the streets and in the country’s legislative chambers demanding unity and justice. The many diverse voices advocating against social and racial injustice resonates more loudly when we continue to engage in peaceful protests. Together we can be a voice for working America, standing united against racial injustice.