Strike Vote Leads to Additional Bargaining Dates

After a 95% rejection of Safeway’s most recent contract offer and member authorization of a strike, the company has agreed to restart the bargaining process. Negotiations will resume on January 7 and 8 and your union bargaining committee will continue to fight for a new contract that rewards your hard work in making your employer one of the most successful food retailers in the country.

In the meantime, Local 5’s strike authorization request is pending with the UFCW International Union, a requirement before any strike action may be taken.

While the UFCW typically reserves strike sanction for instances of a complete breakdown in bargaining or a unilateral move by the employer to impose a contract that is detrimental to the interests of the union’s membership, we believe that Safeway has dragged out our negotiations for far too long.

Your overwhelming vote to reject the last offer and authorize a strike has sent a clear message of your intent. Once authorization is granted Local 5 will immediately give Safeway the required seventy-two hour notice canceling our contract extension in anticipation of economic action against the company.

Please continue to check the Local 5 website or contact your assigned Union Representative for more information.