Macy’s Bargaining Committee Looks For Progress In Five Days of Negotiations Starting July 29

Little progress was made in the most recent bargaining session on June 29 as Macy’s management rolled out an unacceptable low-ball wage proposal and continued to ignore Local 5 proposals to shift a significant percentage of health care costs back to the company where they belong. While some non-economic items have been tentatively agreed to, we remain far apart on a number of issues including company proposals that would:

  • Change the attendance policy by eliminating credits and instead, evaluating employees on the basis of a percentage of timeliness.
  • Force sales associates to perform support duties, jeopardizing the hours and positions of stock employees.
  • Eliminate partial day PTO.
  • Continue the practice of paying sick leave out of your PTO bank rather than separating it as proposed by the Union.

In an effort to pick up the pace and move toward a tentative agreement Macy’s and Local 5 have agreed to five bargaining dates including July 29 through 31 and August 8 and 9.

While the contract expired on May 31, Local 5 and Macy’s have signed off on an extension agreement meaning that all current wages, benefits and working conditions remain in force while negotiations continue.

In anticipation of the next round of talks your bargaining committee is working hard to evaluate proposals and take the necessary steps to achieve the best possible proposed contract for your consideration. Continue to check the Local 5 website at for further updates. For more information, contact your Union Representative or a bargaining committee member.