SF Macy’s Negotiations Stalled Over Health Care, Job Classifications

Multiple bargaining sessions between Local 5 and Macy’s have failed to result in meaningful progress toward a new contract covering the Union’s 700 members.

Health care costs are a key sticking point with the employee share of the weekly premium increasing by as much as 30 percent over the last two years. Union proposals to shift cost increases back to the company have so far been met with resistance according to Local 5 Macy’s Union Representative Tony Vargas.

Another point of contention is a management proposal to expand the duties of sales clerks, a scheme that would result in reduced hours and layoffs for stock employees.

Other issues include company proposals to change attendance policy and Personal Time Off usage along with a refusal to address problems around how sick leave is paid.

Local 5 has been working in concert with Local 1445 in New England and Local 367 in Seattle where new contracts were recently ratified. While those settlements create some guidelines for the San Francisco bargaining, union negotiators do not see them as a pure template for a settlement, said Vargas.

Negotiations are set to resume for three days beginning June 19.  Members are working on an extension of a contract that expired on May 31.