Negotiations Continue with Safeway and Save Mart/Lucky

Recent negotiations with Save Mart/Lucky have continued to result in progress toward a new contract as agreement has been reached on a number of important issues. The next round of bargaining is set for May 16 and 17.

In a related development the company has settled a case with the National Labor Relations Board over the improper granting of wage increases to some employees without bargaining with the union. While Local 5 did not object to the raises, it wants to assure that management fulfills its legal obligation to bargain with the union on all workplace issues in the future. As a requirement of the settlement the company has been required to post notices about the issue in all employee work areas.

Safeway negotiations continue to move slowly as negotiators consider a number of options around job classifications and other important issues.

“We are certainly willing to get creative, but only if that creativity results in the meaningful wage increases that our members deserve,” says Local 5 president John Nunes.

Safeway talks are scheduled for May 13 and 14.