Dear Brothers and Sisters:


Representatives of Local 5 and the Safeway Union Bargaining Committee met with representatives of Safeway on April 4th. Discussions involved raising wages in all classifications in light of the significant advancements in minimum wages occurring at the state level and within many cities and counties in which Local 5 members live and work.  The UFCW Health Benefit Fund for grocery workers in Northern California is well funded, raising the possibility of improving benefits. 


Your Union Bargaining Committee is well represented with your co-workers from throughout Local 5’s region. The four Local 5 Safeway members sitting at the bargaining table have over 100 years of combined experience in the grocery industry. Those members include: Food Clerk Anthony Smith from Store #1192 in Clayton; Head Clerk Genene Capito from Store #0761 in Pacific Grove; Head Meatcutter Brian Pike Store #1891 in Morgan Hill; and Food Clerk Claudette Aldrich from Store #0928 in Walnut Creek.


Upcoming bargaining dates agreed to between the parties are April 15, 16, 29, May 13 and 14. Your bargaining committee has compiled a comprehensive list of proposals and negotiations will begin in earnest with the five scheduled dates.


Please continue to access for negotiations updates.