Slow Progress in Save Mart Negotiations, Safeway Stall Continues

While discussions have been robust and cordial, four days of bargaining with Save Mart last month has resulted in little progress toward agreement on a new contract, says Local 5 President John Nunes.

Union proposals remain focused on economics and in the restoration of economic concessions made during the great recession. Vacation pay calculations, holiday premium, night premium and a proposal to restore reduced-hours Senior Clerks to the top rate of pay are some of the key demands on the table.

“Just as the financial crisis that commenced in 2008 resulted in the need to agree to cost-cutting to keep union companies competitive, the current booming economy is strong justification for not only recouping what was lost but in making significant improvements to our members’ wages and other economic benefits,” says Nunes.

Negotiations with Save Mart are scheduled to resume on February 13 and will continue on the 19thand 22nd.

Meanwhile, Safeway continues to stall, refusing to commit to any of the Union’s proposed negotiation dates. While the focus will remain on Save Mart for now, Safeway will not be allowed to shirk its responsibility to come to the table indefinitely, Nunes says.