First Steps Taken in Food Industry Negotiations

Local 5 officers have begun the process for the negotiation of new union contracts with Safeway, Savemart and dozens of other unionized food employers in Northern California. Most industry contracts expire at the end of October and extensions have been secured with the majority of the affected companies.

An initial meeting in late September with Savemart focused on broad themes and future bargaining logistics. Meeting dates will soon be scheduled where proposals, developed with the input of members, will be presented. Safeway bargaining will also likely get underway in the coming weeks.

Given the improved health of the industry, the impact of tax breaks and the cost of housing in Northern California, wages will clearly be the top issue for the Union’s bargaining team.

“While our excellent Nob Hill contract settlement has clearly set a pattern, particularly with respect to wages, our members at each company have their own distinct issues and we will focus on them at the bargaining table over the coming weeks and months,” said Local 5 president John Nunes.

Be sure to check the Local 5 website often for future updates.