Nearly 1000 CVS Workers Now Covered by Local 5 Contract

Workers at seventy-six CVS Drug Stores throughout the Bay Area have selected Local 5 as their bargaining representative and have agreed to a first-time union contract.

The historic victory is part of a multi-year statewide effort by the UFCW that featured a non-traditional organizing approach. After an agreement with the company on a “conduct agreement” organizers were given the opportunity to address employees about the benefits of union representation on a store-by-store basis. Workers were then given a short period time to choose representation in an environment free from employer interference. In nearly all cases, a majority of the workers at each store signed up for Local 5 and are now covered by a union contract.

“This organizing model is the way that all union campaigns should be conducted,” said Local 5 president John Nunes. “When workers can avoid the drawn-out government process that allows employers to intimidate and coerce them to vote against their own self-interest the result is almost always a union contract and better wages, benefits and working conditions.”

The new union contract includes significant improvements for CVS workers including wage increases, night and holiday premium pay, seniority rights, a just cause discipline procedure and a path for part-time workers to enjoy a 30-hour per week guarantee.  The deal also included a ratification bonus and maintenance of health and pension benefits for the life of the Agreement.