Strike Vote Set For Save Mart/Lucky

Your Save Mart/Lucky Bargaining Committee has been negotiating for 8 months to reach a new agreement with your Employer. Lucky employees stepped up in 2012 while Save Mart was still reeling from the Great Recession, reaching deep into their pockets and giving back up to $7,000 a year per worker to restore the company back to profitability.

Your Employer still continues to benefit from many of those so-called temporary take-backs 7 years later.  And now is proposing to raid your Health and Welfare Fund of $15 million dollars – jeopardizing your health care benefits.

Enough is enough, it is time to send a clear message that it is time you deserve to be rewarded for your many sacrifices. Save Mart continues to refuse to restore many of those temporary take-backs, which include:

  • Loss of Holiday Pay
  • Loss of Head Clerk Pay
  • Loss of Sunday Premium Pay
  • Loss of Memorial Day as a Paid Holiday
  • Loss of 3 Floating Holidays for New Employees
  • Many Full-time Employees Reduced to Part-time
  • Many Employees Reduced in Pay by Nearly $2.00 an Hour

Additionally, Lucky proposed paltry wage increases of $1.65 an hour over 3 years which still leaves most employees living in the most expensive region in the country well below the poverty level.

Local 5 will be conducting a strike authorization vote letting Save Mart know they need to better respect their hard working employees with a wage and benefit package to maintain a decent living standard. Please attend one of the following meetings in your area to speak up and vote.

Day: Location: Address: Time:
Monday July 8, 2019                       Hayward Office 28870 Mission Blvd. 9am & 6pm
Tuesday July 9, 2019 Martinez Office 4121 Alhambra Ave. 9am & 6pm  
   San Jose Office 240 South Market St.                              9am & 6pm
Wednesday July 10, 2019               So. S.F. Office 208 Miller Ave. 9am & 6pm
  Fairfield Marriot                    1350 Holiday Lane 9am & 6pm
  Napa Embassy Suites 1075 California Blvd. 9am & 6pm
Thursday July 11, 2019 Novato Office 85 Galli Dr. Suite H       9am & 6pm
  Ukiah Round Table  292 S. State Street 2pm
  Gilroy Hilton Garden Inn 6070 Monterey Rd. 9am & 6pm
Friday July 12, 2019 Salinas Office 1145 North Main St. 9am & 6pm
  Santa Rosa Round


2424 Magowan Dr. 2pm