Why Local 5 Fights Walmart

Walmart moves into a town where things seem pretty good. There is a healthy downtown with a couple of grocery stores, a hardware store and a few clothing stores. Not too long after Walmart opens it’s doors the grocery stores, hardware store and clothing stores are all closed, victims of Walmart’s predatory pricing strategies. Because the city fathers and mothers allowed Walmart in they now have a decimated downtown and many out of work clerks and butchers unable to provide for their families. “At least we still have Walmart” they tell themselves. Depending on Walmart was a bad bet that should have been avoided in the first place, and now that the town is ruined, Walmart is pulling up stakes and leaving with greater frequency.

Please take a minute to read this article about Walmart’s strategy of abandoning the towns they’ve destroyed. It is disturbing reading and validates the efforts Local 5 makes everyday to fight Walmart and other low-road employers attempting to enter the union’s jurisdiction.