Update on Safeway Payroll Issues

Latest Developments on Safeway Payroll Problems

Local 5 met with Safeway representatives on February 18th to discuss the continuing payroll challenges the company has experienced for the past several months. Hundreds of Local 5 members have experienced shortages on their retroactive wage increase in addition to many other weekly earnings mistakes. Safeway representatives assured Local 5 that they are working diligently to correct all payroll inaccuracies and have assigned additional personnel to fix the problems.


Local 5 requested of Safeway that all employees receive a wage statement identifying the number of hours worked for the period in which the retroactive pay was calculated, and the hourly amount in which the calculation was based. Although most retroactive hours are at the rate of $.30, there were some differing amounts due to premium rates such as Sunday, holidays and step-up pay. Safeway agreed to provide this information to employees so they can confirm the amounts they are owed.


Most, or all of the bonuses have been paid and Local 5 is finding few inaccuracies on the bonuses. Nonetheless, Local 5 strongly encourages employees to review all of your wages earned and report any inaccuracies to both the company and the Union to guarantee you are paid for what you have earned.