Negotiation Update for our Members at Lucky and SaveMart

Unions and Lucky and Save Mart to Reconvene Contract Talks in January

Unions and Company met in December

Locals 5, 8 and 648 are set to recommence negotiations for a new contract with Lucky-Save Mart in January. This follows up on a meeting with the company in mid-December at which the company introduced their new lead negotiator. The new spokesman comes out of the electrical industry and has no experience in retail grocery. The company advised they were unprepared at the meeting to exchange proposals. The unions used the meeting as an opportunity to reiterate its positions with particular emphasis on restoration of full time jobs and restoration of reclassified members to their former positions. The unions concluded that instead of wasting the meeting, due to a lack of exchanged proposals, that it would be better to have the new negotiator get the primary concerns of the unions directly so there was no confusion later on.

Meetings set Throughout January

The next meeting with company will be on January 15. Additional meeting dates are tentatively scheduled for January 17, 30 and 31.

The unions have prepared a comprehensive list of proposals which will be submitted to management in order to begin a dialogue to reach a tentative settlement. The proposals are based on input from the membership prior to this round of negotiations and suggestions from the last set of talks.

Your Role

Your attention and participation in the process continues to be vital to the success of the talks. If you have an idea for inclusion in the negotiations forward to  Please monitor the website and Local 5’s Facebook page for progress, meeting announcements and opportunities for involvement.