UFCW5 Lobby Day at the Capitol Building

photo 1On Tuesday May 28th UFCW5 participated in a statewide effort for UFCW locals to push for legislation to protect, support and enhance workers rights and close big box loopholes. Many members and staff from across California participated in the efforts to push labor friendly legislation.

UFCW is focused on many pieces of legislation that protect workers and working families and cut corporate loopholes.

Some of the priority bills are:

AB-880 Medi-Cal program costs: large employer responsibility. AB 880 is being referred to as ‘Close the Walmart Loophole’. When large corporations like Walmart dodge their responsibilities to provide health care to their employees, taxpayers are forced to pick up the tab. That’s unfair, and it must change. AB 880 (Gomez) requires that the state’s largest corporations pay their fair share like the rest of us. It closes the ‘Walmart Loophole” in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that encourages big, profitable companies to cut hours and wages so low that workers end up on taxpayer-funded programs like Medi-Cal. The law would assess a penalty on unscrupulous corporations that are pushing their costs onto taxpayers. It improves access to affordable medical care for millions of low-income Californians.

SB 744 – Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013
SB 744 is most commonly referred to as comprehensive immigration reform
The UFCW strongly supports comprehensive immigration reform that includes a roadmap to citizenship for those already here, an effective mechanism for determining employment eligibility, smart and humane border enforcement, streamlined family reunification, and a fair process for allocating employment based visas. With SB 744 passing the Senate Judiciary Committee and on its way to the Senate floor for a vote, possibly as early as the week of June 10, it continues to be just as important for all members of the community to be vocal and active in support of its passage.

AB 667- Land use: Development Project Review: Superstores.
AB 667 was introduced by Roger Hernandez (D – West Covina) requires an economic impact report outlining the potential economic impacts caused to the local communities by large developments commonly known as ‘big box’ or ‘superstores’.
“AB 667 provides transparency and creates accountability to local concerned taxpayers with the ability to inquire about tax incentives provided to businesses and how taxpayer’s monies are being spent. If we are providing public subsidies that are designed to create good jobs and economic opportunities for our communities, the least we can do is require that a report be prepared to demonstrate the project will actually deliver on these results,” said Hernández.