UFCW Local 5 Nob Hill Negotiations Update

This is the first in a series of updates directly from Local 5 President John Nunes to keep Nob Hill members informed on negotiations:

To all Local 5 members employed by Nob Hill Foods:

For two and one half years you have suffered thousands of dollars in lost wages to help your employer through a troubling financial crisis during our country’s great recession. Your economic sacrifices have allowed Nob Hill stores to recover from their financial hardship and begin to once again emerge as a successful and profitable subsidiary of the parent company Raley’s.

It is now time for your Employer to recognize the sacrifices you have suffered and reward their employees with a fair and equitable union contract. Unfortunately, after five months of negotiating, the company has proposed to continue the same economic take a ways for 3 more years.

The company has had more than sufficient time to put forth a fair proposal that recognizes Nob Hill employee’s hard work and sacrifice in putting the company on a successful and profitable course into the long term future. Accordingly, it is time to bring the company’s proposal to a vote of the membership.

Local 5 will be voting our members over the next week at locations convenient to our members so please access our website at UFCW5.org. We have also recently added Gilroy to our list of voting locations for Thursday, so please go to our website for the location and time.

Remember, the Union is only as strong as the members, so please remain strong and united.

In Solidarity,
John Nunes
UFCW Local 5