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Lucky-Save Mart Hires Union-Busting Consultant, Company Stalling

February 21, 2014

Lucky-Save Mart has not yet agreed to set the next bargaining date. It was discussed during the last negotiating sessions that the company would contact the unions when they had finished analyzing pension information they requested from the Trust Fund. The unions stand ready to bargain, and when a date is obtained the negotiating committee will announce it.

One significant development that may be hampering Lucky-Save Mart from agreeing to a date is their recent decision to hire management consultant and lawyer Pat Jordan to represent them in the talks. If the name sounds familiar it should, Jordan is the same individual who served in a negotiating capacity for Raley’s-Nob Hill in the last round of negotiations resulting in a strike at the company in November 2012.

It is disturbing to learn that Lucky-Save Mart hired Jordan to bargain on its behalf. In 2012, Safeway, Lucky-Save Mart and Raley’s-Nob Hill initially bargained jointly. Amazingly, Safeway and Lucky-Save Mart found Jordan’s bargaining tactics so divisive they excluded Raley’s-Nob Hill from further joint bargaining. Jordan’s erratic behavior and uncompromising style, along with that of executive vice-president Bob Tiernan, led to a ten day strike at Raley’s-Nob Hill in November of 2012.

Below is a sampling of Jordan’s boastful union-busting accomplishments taken directly from his website:

*Decertified a union in Hawaii after a two week strike and successfully defended against all unfair labor practice charges.

*Represented a regional food store chain in the acquisition of several union- represented stores, unilaterally changed terms and conditions of employment for retained employees and successfully decertified the union.

*Represented resort area hotel in union contract negotiations, avoided strike and successfully defended against unfair labor practice charges upon decertification.

Make no mistake; Patrick Jordan is the wrong person for these negotiations. You can see the entire list of his accomplishments and get an overview of his law firm at pjordanlaw.com.

Please go to ufcw5.org and the union’s Facebook page for more information.


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