UFCW Local 5 Negotiations Update for members at Lucky and SaveMart

Unions and Lucky-Save Mart to Reconvene Talks December 12

Union and company negotiators are set to restart negotiations for a new contract on Thursday December 12.

The unions have used the time since the last meetings to put together a comprehensive list of contract demands which will be presented and explained to management. Once management and union proposals have been formally exchanged they will be posted on the website in the same way they were during the last negotiations.

It is expected that management will have its bargaining team in place at the next meeting and will be prepared to engage in meaningful discussions to proceed toward a settlement.

Your Role

Your attention and participation in the process are vital to the success of the talks. If you have an idea for inclusion in the negotiations please forward it to mhenneberry@ufcw5.org. Please monitor the website and Local 5’s Facebook page for progress, meeting announcements and opportunities for involvement.