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Volume February 5, 2014

Clarification and Explanation of Lucky-Save Mart Proposal of January 31, 2014

On January 31st, the company submitted five pages of proposals setting specific sections of the collective bargaining agreement where they wanted take always and a one-page proposal asking for the creation of a new ‘S Class’ employee. In the last update the language was characterized as intending to remove S class employees from the union, this was not in the proposal. The intent was to introduce a new class of employee, which would comprise up to twenty five percent of a store’s work force and not have health and welfare or pension coverage. Regardless of intent or interpretation, it is a bad proposal.

Here is an explanation of the proposals submitted by Lucky-Save Mart and their practical effect:

Section 7: Hours Overtime & Sunday Pay:

Section 7.2.2 (1) change 8 to 10 hours (changes start of double time after 8 hours on sixth day to begin after 10 hours) delete subsections 3, 4 , 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 (deletes all time and a half premium pay except for time and a half after 8 hours)
Section 7.2.3 delete subsections 2, 4, 5 & 6 (deletes Sunday, holiday, meal premium and Sunday shift premium pay)
Section 7.2.4 delete in its entirety (eliminates 2.25X time pay for Sunday OT pay)
Section 7.2.5 delete in its entirety (eliminates all 2.5X pay)

Section 8 Work Schedule
8.2 Modify time for premium pay between shifts from 8 to 10 hours (members can be called back for shifts with 8 hours between with no OT required)
Section 8.10 Separate Employers- delete (waives the requirement for payment of OT when working between two union employers)

Section 10 Classification of Employees
Section 10.3 Previous Experience-delete in its entirety (requires workers to start at the beginning apprentice rate when hiring on regardless of experience)
Section 10.3.1 New Employees-delete in its entirety (requires new hires to list industry experience)

Section 11 Holidays

Section 11.1.1 Work- add Christmas to 2nd paragraph and delete 3rd paragraph (Lumps Christmas in with the rest of the holidays and eliminates the right to be off of Christmas)

Section 13 General Provisions
Section 13.8 Proposal to pay via check card

Supplemental Worker Classification: Proposal would reclassify up to 25% of a store’s work force as ‘S Class’ employees. They’d be exempt from H&W and pension

Original copies of the union & company proposals are posted on the website at http://www.ufcw5.org

The union and company have agreed to meet again this month. The parties are far apart but your union negotiating committee is committed to achieving a result you find acceptable. The membership will be notified when meeting dates are secured.

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Company Proposals (Jan 31)