(The UFCW Local 5 Executive Board is composed of rank and file members

and elected staff)

The board meets monthly to conduct union business and authorize expenditures. The Board functions on the member’s behalf making critical decisions under the guiding principle of doing what is best for current members and strengthening the local union for future generations and retirees.


Executive Board Officers

John Nunes, President Jack Landes, Secretary-Treasurer
Tamara Perine, Recorder-Safeway
VP No. 1 Katherine Freitas-Lucky VP No. 2 Monty Schacht-Nob Hill
VP No. 3 Oscar Orozco-Area Director VP No. 4 Claudette Aldrich-Safeway
VP No. 5 Mike Mills-Lucky’s VP No. 6 Tracy Lynnes-Wood-Safeway
VP No. 7 Mike Henneberry- Communications/Political Director VP No. 8 Marla Donati-Area Director
VP No. 9 Cassandra Hunter-Lucky VP No. 10 John Bueno-Union Rep
VP No. 11 Mark Bearry-Lucky VP No. 12 Brian Pike-Safeway
VP No. 13 Carmen Soto-Nob Hill VP No. 14 Rick Gomez-Lunardi’s
VP No. 15 Carl Nakano-Grievance Coordinator VP No. 16 Bob Siirila-Barber’s Division
VP No. 17 Frank Tallerico VP No. 18 Genene Capito-Safeway
VP No. 19 Doreen Martinez-Nob Hill VP No. 20 Rick Otomo-SaveMart
VP No. 21 Lynda Parker-Nob Hill VP No. 22 Dustin Tyssen-Area Director
VP No. 23 Oscar Avellan-Macy’s VP No. 24 Mike Frenna-Area Director
VP No. 25 Charlene Luchini-Union Representative VP No. 26 John Frahm-Area Director
VP No. 27 Della Garcia-Ag Division Union Representative VP No. 28 Pete Maturino-Ag Division Director
VP No. 30 Matthew Reising-Lucky