Stand with the Walmart 60

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In June, over 150 Walmart workers went on a legally protected Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) strike and traveled to Walmart’s annual shareholder meeting to call on the Board of Directors and shareholders to end the retaliation and silencing of workers and voice the direct impact that Walmart’s low wages and insufficient hours and benefits are having on the economy.

With this message widely resonating, the company feels threatened and has doubled down on its tactics of suppression. In the past several weeks alone, Walmart has illegally fired or disciplined over 60 workers for taking part in the legally protected strike.

On September 5th, UFCW will be mobilizing mass demonstrations with thousands of people in multiple cities across the country in the biggest day of action since last year. UFCW 5 will participate in this effort.

Date: September 5, 2013
Where: Powell Street Bart Station (899 Market St, San Francisco, CA)
Time: 5pm

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