Services set for Union Stalwart Linda Russell

Linda Russell, former President of Local 373 in Vallejo and a Director at Local 5, has passed away.

Linda went to work for Safeway in the early 70’s and immediately joined Local 373. She was active in contract fights, took a leadership role in the union in 1995 and was elected President of Local 373 in 1998.

The membership of the union and its well-being was always foremost in Linda’s thoughts. Many remember her kindness on behalf of members and staff. Her militance on contract and representation issues and trailblazing as a woman at a time when most locals were run by men was an inspiration. Linda retired in 2007 and until the illness that ultimately took her, was enjoying retirement.

Linda’s memorial service will be held at Twin Chapels in Vallejo (1100 Tennessee St.) on Thursday January 12 at 2pm. A reception will follow at 3pm.