San Jose Office

Address: 240 South Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113-2382
Direct Number: (408) 998-0428
Fax: (408) 971-8355
Hours: 8am-5pm


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Membership Meetings Fourth Tuesday: January 24, April 25,
July 25, October 24, 6pm
New Member Meetings Fourth Tuesday Monthly, 9am & 5pm

Office Staff

Name/Postion:  Phone: Email:
Dustin Tyssen/Director 408-625-5593
Claudia Herrera/Office Manager 408-625-5612


Name: Phone: Email:
Jamie Cortez 408-625-5635
Hector Moreno 408-625-5618
Glenda Villalta 408-625-5632
Letressa Perkins 408-625-5607
Laurie Mesa 408-625-5624
Rick Gomez