Safeway Retro Pay Update

Update on Safeway Retro Pay Issues
October 3, 2016

Many Safeway employees are still  awaiting retroactive wages regarding the pay increases due upon the ratification of the contract in December, 2015. It is expected that this will be concluded shortly. The retroactive wage increases were originally due in February, 2016. Those wage increase involved experienced clerks and above, with an exception for over scaled employees, and extended for the period from the expiration of the agreement in October 2014 until the ratification of the new agreement in December 2015. Unfortunately, Safeway experienced significant technical difficulties while upgrading their software programs which has created these delays. The software problems were not isolated to Local 5, and other Safeway divisions experienced the similar issues regarding payroll.

 Local 5 has been diligently monitoring this matter and has requested Safeway provide payroll records to review prior to issuing the retroactive pay to employees to insure the accuracy of the payments. Additionally, Local 5 has requested that retroactive pay due employees be itemized on a wage statement that clearly indicates how the amounts were calculated. It is also possible that waiting time penalties contained in the union contract can be applied and Local 5’s labor attorney is reviewing this matter.