Safeway Negotiations Update


UFCW Local 5-Safeway Negotiations Update
September 11, 2015


On short notice from Safeway, the Local 5 Bargaining Committee met with the company on Thursday September 10, 2015. Progress was made in working towards a multi-year health and welfare and pension agreement. Your Bargaining Committee has been insistent that any agreement not include increases in premiums for our active or retired members and few, if any, benefit design changes in either the Kaiser or PPO plans. We are close to meeting those goals.

Local 5 would like to report similar progress on wage compensation, however, the parties are still apart on reaching a mutually acceptable wage package, although the gap has been closing. Local 5 members have experienced the ever increasing difficulty in the ability to earn a respectable living for themselves and their families here in Northern California as the skyrocketing cost of living has been rapidly eroding away wages. Accordingly, decent wage increases continue to remain a principal objective of the Local 5 Safeway Bargaining Committee. Please continue to access the Local 5 website for additional updates on bargaining progress. More dates for bargaining will be posted on the website when they become available.