Update: Unions & Lucky-Save Mart Management Resumed Negotiations July 7

July 8, 2014

Locals 5, 8 & 648 Back in Bargaining

Talks between UFCW Locals 5, 8 and 648 restarted on July 7 after a break. Talks on Monday were anchored for Local 5 by e-board member Frank Tallerico, e-board member elect Mark Bearry, president-elect John Nunes and secretary-treasurer elect Jack Landes.

Stabilization Agreement & Buyout Proposal

The discussions started off with the company working through a laundry list of proposals from the last round of negotiations. With reference to the stabilization agreement the company proposed to “withdraw” its demand to extend it so long as the union agrees to recommend all of its most onerous provisions including elimination of Sunday pay, making OT reductions permanent, reduce night premium coverage, eliminate four plus holidays and make permanent vacation takeaways, among others. This smoke and mirrors “proposal” to do away with the stabilization agreement while making permanent all of its worst features was soundly rejected by the unions.

The company also made a presentation on an employee buyout plan whereby workers could opt to quit the company in exchange for a financial package and then be allowed to work back in the stores on limited basis. At this point the union feels the compensation being offered is too low and the provisions for eligibility and return to work need more clarification. The company has agreed to take a look at packages offered by Safeway in 2005 that had higher compensation levels and more straight forward rules for implementation.

Future Dates to Include Foodmaxx & Reduced Clerks

Future dates for negotiations are set for July 9, 10, 14 and 25. Additional dates are planned for August 4, 5, 6 and 7. The union plans on making a detailed presentation of the effects of the reduction in full time status & wages on clerks and time has been reserved for Foodmaxx discussions.

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