Raley’s – Nob Hill Negotiation Update

Initial Meetings Held with Members, No Talks Scheduled with Company

Volume 2
October 27, 2014

Earlier this month an initial bargaining meeting was held with the company. Raleys-Nob Hill submitted a proposal to the union that was completely unacceptable since it makes permanent most of the negative parts of the stabilization agreement. At this time no additional meeting are set with the company.

After meeting with the company the union held update meeting at the union offices for Raleys-Nob Hill members. Thanks go out to all members who took the time to attend these important meetings.

In addition to Raleys and Nob Hill members at Safeway and Lucky-Save Mart are also in negotiations. That means a very large portion of Local 5 members are working toward new agreements.

It is imperative that all Local 5 members stick together through this process. It is the only way to get to a fair contract.

There is Power in the Union: Its You!

Updates can be found on the website, ufcw5.org, and on the unions Facebook page.

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