President Lind’s Statement on Safeway Featured in Bay Area Press

Group trying to take over Safeway has a bad history

By Ron Lind, Oakland Tribune My Word

In the flurry of media coverage about the proposed takeover of Safeway by a private equity firm, much attention has been paid to the need to increase share price. No attention has been given to the effect such a change in ownership will have on the workers at the grocery chain.

It is my privilege to be president of the union that represents Safeway workers in the western part of Northern California.

Our union is familiar with Cerberus, the odds-on favorite to take over Safeway. Our members at Albertsons got a new boss in 2006, the same one apparently slated to take over Safeway. Because of the completely incompetent management of Idaho-based Albertsons, the chain was vulnerable to a takeover, and in stepped Cerberus.

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