Support BART Workers on Strike


Rally July 4th at 11:00 am at the Lake Merritt BART station, 8th & Oak Streets, Oakland.The District has hardly started to engage in serious negotiations and yet it is already considering imposition – a move that would be essentially declaring war on riders and the union. 

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SEIU 1021 members made national news this week with a BART and City of Oakland strike that stopped the traffic in more ways than one.

Monday was a momentous day for Bay Area working people. SEIU 1021 took the lead, with our BART and City of Oakland workers shutting down the region’s transportation system and one of its largest cities. Other unions followed, as did community organizations, joining striking workers on picket lines and at rallies in Oakland and San Francisco.

Oakland city workers have sacrificed to help the city in need — they have given back more than $122 million just in the last few years — while the number of part-time workers has doubled in recent years. These workers go without healthcare, job security and must hold multiple jobs just to make ends meet. These are not the “good jobs” our community deserves. Meanwhile, the city has cut 700 full-time employee positions since 2008.

The issues

Likewise, BART workers hadn’t had a raise in five years, and had endured injuries and fatalities on the job. They knew a strike was required to move BART’s management to address their serious safety concerns for both the riders and the workers who keep BART running.

With both contracts expiring June 30 they made their plans. Walking out together they grabbed the attention of the media, the public and the other side of the negotiating table, making a strong and clear statement about the kind of community we want:

  • Safe transportation and public services provided by workers compensated fairly enough to enhance our local economy.
  • Part-time, low-wage jobs that drag down the community must be turned into living wage jobs that instead bring dignity and security.
  • Wall Street banksters, those who crashed our economy, stole our pensions and invented new ways to manipulate the market to continue to rob our communities, must pay to fix what they have wrecked.
  • Elected leaders must be held accountable for upholding our standards.