Opposition to Trump Escalates

Opposition to the Trump Administration’s radical right wing agenda is escalating. Clearly the wishful thinking that Trump would become a more mature leader once the magnitude of the office he occupies sunk in turned out to be just that, wishful thinking. In his first week in office Trump has attempted to push through the singularly most unqualified group of candidates in history for cabinet posts, put a gag order on federal departments precluding them from communicating with the public (also known as taxpayers, who pay the bills), announced the privatization of public radio and television, proposed to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts & Humanities, Announced plans to gut federal employee’s pay, pension and health & welfare benefits, banned travel from multiple Muslim-majority countries, cancelled refugee resettlement and fired the acting Attorney General for opposing his actions as a violation of the constitution among numerous other odious actions.

After one week in office the new chief executive has managed ignore the constitution and shred many of the tenets this country is based on. This behavior is not worthy of an American President and is an insult to our democracy & republic.

So what to do? This is not a time for hand wringing. Bullies don’t listen to reason they only respond to strength. The other party in government, the Democratic Party, needs to stiffen its spine and get to work fighting Trump, his racist lackies and their un-American agenda. Behaving like this is just another administration to be dealt with through reason and compromise would be a huge mistake and a disastrous for the country. And citizens, for our part, must make it clear that we disagree with the inhumane direction the administration is taking the country. This is only the first week of this new era, let’s make it the beginning of the end of Trump’s radical agenda, not the beginning of the end for the rest of us.

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