Nunes, Landes & Perine Leadership Team Elected for Three Year Term

John Nunes, Jack Landes & Tamara Perine were elected to the offices of President, Secretary-Treasurer and Recorder on July 3.

Pursuant to Local 5’s bylaws candidates for President, Secretary-Treasurer and Recorder are required to obtain the signatures of 544 active members supporting their run for office. The only candidates submitting signatures were Nunes, Landes and Perine. Accordingly, since they were unopposed, at the close of the petition period, noon on July 3, they were elected by acclimation.

President Nunes said after the election judge advised him of his new term, “working people are under the heaviest attack I have seen during my time with the union, both as a member in the stores and as a rep. We have a lot of work to do and aren’t going to accomplish anything by just talking about it. We are going to continue to fight, first for Local 5 members and then for the rest of the labor movement. I want to thank the members for their support, now let’s get to work!