Non-Union Amazon Food Store Quashed x2

Amazon’s first endeavor into the retail grocery business in California was overturned through an environmental challenge by City of  Sunnyvale resident and Lucky member Michael Howland, with assistance from Local 5. Plaintiff Howland filed suit against the City of Sunnyvale’s approval of the non-union Amazon grocery store because it did not properly take into account the environmental impacts of increased noise, air quality and traffic that the store would generate. Amazon’s approved application was rescinded as a result. If Amazon desires to refile in seeking approval they must first complete a lengthy and costly environmental impact report which generally takes two years or more. Local 5 will be keeping a close eye on any further activity by Amazon in Sunnyvale.

Meanwhile, Amazon was planning their second prospective grocery store in California down the road in San Carlos. Local 5 representatives discussed with local politicians the potential loss of good paying union jobs verse low paying non-union jobs offered by Amazon. After hearing from Local 5 representatives, the local politicians were successful in convincing Amazon that they were not welcome in their city.