Nob Hill Strike Charges Dropped Against Local 5 Rep

JUNE 2013–

Alameda, CA

The Alameda County District Attorney has dropped strike related charges against Local 5 Communications Director Mike Henneberry. During the November 2012 Raley’s-Nob Hill strike Henneberry was placed under (a phony) citizen’s arrest and processed at Santa Rita for battery. In February the DA’s office added resisting arrest charges. On May 31st the District Attorney’s office, after revisiting the case, requested that the judge dismiss all charges “in the interest of justice.”

The dispute that sparked all of this was the company’s refusal to give a disability check to a member unless she crossed the picket line to get it. The company delivered the disability check to the member on the union side of the line later that day before hundreds of other union members showed up to picket and before Henneberry was out of jail.