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UFCW 5 has implemented a program that is designed to help new members reduce their initiation fee by one-third (1/3). A new member will be eligible for this reduction in their initiation fees by getting involved with our Union. In order to qualify, the new member must do the following:

1. Attend the new member orientation meeting.

2. Participate in three (3) additional Local 5 actions; such as membership meetings, attend an office hosted virtual town hall meeting, rallies and other Union sponsored event.

If a new member participates in the three (3) events over the course of an eighteen (18) month period following the new member orientation meeting, they will be given a credit of one-third (1/3) of the initiation fees.

You should always check our website for upcoming meetings and events. If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact your Union Representative.

Thank you,

John Nunes, President

Get Political
Want to learn how you can support pro-worker politicians and policies, and fight back against corporate greed and big business in our political system? Want to help level the playing field for working families? Contact Mike Henneberry, UFCW Local 5′ political director and get involved in a movement to rebuild our middle class and restore the American Dream.

Get Involved
The best thing about being a UFCW member is the power to stick together with your co-workers and make your voices heard. But there are all kinds of other opportunities available to you as a union member, too, that can help you advance your career, get better training, or save a little money.

Education and Scholarships– Once again the Foundation for Union Workers and UFCW5 has finished the process of awarding scholarships for 2016.  Recipients will be notified and this years winners will be posted on this website.

Discounts and Benefits – Save money on travel, car insurance, hotels, activities, mortgages, and other things with Union Plus for members and their families.

Join With Us
Want to learn more about what a union is and why strength in numbers is always on plus on the job? Want to find out how you and your co-workers can become part of a movement to improve jobs for workers across the country? Contact your rep today.